The Holidays

So we have had a rough pre Thanksgiving time. Mason had his monthly routine treatment and the dreaded steroids, which are never pleasant. It seems like I would get used to the ups and downs of childhood cancer, but the fact is I don’t. It never gets easier. Steroids for Mason are a constant emotional rollercoaster it’s just hard. Freya was her usual shining self, even stuffing her (disgusting) I mean glorious ratty rat toy next to Mason while he would rest on the couch when not feeling good. With all the pain we experience on this journey, the love story between the two of them is extra beautiful to witness.

Mason’s Perspective

Actually I had to go to clinic last week. I am really just done with having to take medicine because I have to take so much it makes me feel like another person. Daddy has been helping me learn to ride my bike and soon that will be another way for me to outrun zombies. I am getting pretty fast! We have been hunting zombies and really trying to find where they are coming from. Freya can track a zombie layer well; really she’s the best at it. She is so fast and actually her nose is a secret weapon. She can dig the fastest to so when we need a hole dug, bam she’s my girl to do it.

Pre Zombie hunt

“This is where we found a zombie layer. Daddy was actually a little scared.” ~ Mason

Freya’s Perspective

Freya is continuing to thrive and be a solid support system for our Mason. She is going to be tested for CGC and CGCA in two weeks so we’re very proud of her. She is growing and growing! Already outsized our Oakley and the girth on this Bear Wolf is, well she’s a freight train! Her lack of food drive has been interesting but she makes up for it in toy/ball drive. This dog will do anything I ask as long as her pay is a game of tug or her ball.


My Perspective

It is always emotionally draining coming off steroid week. We don’t get as much schooling done; we don’t have as much fun and most of all it is painful to watch my Mason suffer. It’s been over two years, 915 days and it wears on me. We had a lovely Thanksgiving and Mason has really mastered riding his bike. He and his daddy practiced a lot and this past weekend and Mason has requested to go somewhere and ride to show Freya how good he’s doing. I love that he always wants to share the good and the bad of his life with Freya. I hate that he wasn’t feeling well this past week, but I hold on to better days to come. Mason’s birthday is the 30th of this month and his birthday request is to picnic on the beach with Freya. Dogs are simply amazing animals and I’m so thankful Mason has connect with one on such a level during such a rough time in his life. Freya is a true lifeline, until next time…

It may look disgusting to you, but its her baby she loves LOL

“Actually in this picture I was playing ball with Daddy and Scarlett wearing my Bear Wolf jacket” ~ Mason

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