Another cycle down

We’ve been a little stressed this past week. Mason hasn’t been feeling great (normal kid not feeling good stuff) but for a cancer mom any sight of unwell takes your mind right to the darkest places. It’s hard! The stress of unknown concerns and fears is something you can’t ever prepare your mind for. We had clinic yesterday and anytime we go into clinic with him not feeling good makes me concerned. He handled clinic like the warrior he is and so far is feeling okay. We started the less than lovely steroids yesterday, so yay for us only 4 days more to go.

Mason’s Perspective

I have been working very hard and I have a lot of schoolwork to do. I have been learning about gardening and carnivorous plants. My daddy even bought me some Venus Flytraps of my own. It already has caught a fly! I had to go to clinic and I was a little bit sad Freya couldn’t go. Mommy says she is not totally ready yet, but she’s working on getting her ready. I have a lot of things to show Freya when she goes with me because I’ve spent a lot of time at clinic. Last night it was really cold outside but we had a zombie attack. I had to wear my Bear Wolf coat, and we braved the cold darkness and hunted zombies. We could hear them breathing they were so close, Scarlett got scared so I had to bring her inside Freya and daddy chased the rest of the zombies away. I actually like to battle with the sun out not the moon. Until next time…

“Daddy said you can find Zombies better with a red light” ~ Mason

“Actually the zombie was running from us, Freya was chasing it” ~ Mason

“This is my zombie walk!” ~ Mason

Freya’s Perspective

Freya is nailing her CGC class. I am continuously impressed with her and the fact that she’s the youngest one in the class but you’d never know it. She’s going more places and I’m slowly expecting more from her. We are task training her for some specifics that Mason wants and really it’s clear she wants them to. Freya LOVES to work, loves to hunt zombies, loves muddy holes and loves being Mason’s friend.

Mud Lover

My Perspective

Treatment week is HARD AF for me. The emotions that pour over me as we make that drive, enter the building and smell the lobby as the automatic doors fling open. It triggers my own demons I battle with on this journey and it’s a lot to take in. I look down at this handsome amazing kid standing next to me and I’m so proud of how far he’s come. Since Freya has come into our lives, he walks into clinic (usually I carried him) he’s got such a sense of confidence he wears now, it’s nothing shy of awesome! He talks nonstop about her going to clinic with him and in one aspect it makes me so sad. He is most excited to share the darkest part of his life with his best friend, and in the same thought I’m so happy he connected with Freya and she has been all he dreamed of because she is what he needed to stand tall and endure this journey.

“Freya was giving someone her mean look. She is very protective” ~ Mason

“I love the Venus Flytrap” ~ Mason

Sharing because the beginning stages of handwriting is plain ADORABLE! 

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