Restful Nights and Full Days!

Mason is still sleeping so well at night and waking up refreshed ready to see his Bear Wolf. This weekend was a mix of nice and nasty weather. We more than enjoyed the dry times while they lasted. Brought out the kiddie pool for the kids and dogs, it is already hot in Florida. Freya, in true Bear Wolf style hopped in and out of the pool following the kids all over. I like introducing pups to all types of footing surfaces and having them comfortable. Freya still remains engaged and eager to play all our puppy games. Then Mason filled the pool with some water and Scarlett made a splash zone which thrilled Freya. She was in and out of the pool all afternoon. Mason is ecstatic that she enjoys playing in the water with them.


“See she just likes to climb on things, that’s the Bear in her”~Mason


“Look both ears are standing. She’s an adult now!” ~ Mason

Freya pool

Puppy work

We are spending our puppy days with lots of luring and environmental exposures. Incase you were curious, Freya loves deer meat as treats, it’s a Bear Wolf thing, Mason says.  We took a field trip to one of my favorite training spots to get some structured work in. I have a trial in July with Oakley and as a bonus, Freya gets a new experience.  Like any good Bear Wolf would, Freya waited nicely in her crate until it was her turn. We then worked on restrained recalls and new surfaces (aluminum bleachers).

Closing Out the Weekend

Freya is full on letting us know when she has to go outside, placing a foot on the door and then giving a little bark. Did I mention she was wicked smart? We are still working on the place command and Mason’s knuckles trick, both are shaping up beautifully! Freya is loving her busy schedule and just like the kids she’s also ready for bed by 9PM


“She can even knuckles while I’m on the slide!! That’s my baby girl”~Mason

Mason’s love for Freya is continuing to grow and their bond is visible before my eyes. It’s absolutely beautiful! He has talks with her daily about their future and all the “trophies” they will be winning.


In Honor of Memorial Day

“No duty is more urgent than that of returning thanks.” ~ James Allen