Happy Monday

This past week has flown by and we have enjoyed each moment of it. Mason has been feeling good and our slightly cooler weather has made for great days spent outdoors. Our school schedule is packed full of fun new experiences and our lessons still consist of Mason and his Bear Wolf working on kindergarten stuff and Scarlett nailing Pre K stuff. I’m still in awe of how Freya’s presence settles Mason’s fears and continues to build his confidence.

Mason’s Perspective

Actually this has been my most favorite weekend ever. We made our own treasure and found the perfect hiding spot for it in the woods. Daddy entered the magic code so it can be linked to a treasure map for others to find and I can’t wait till they do.

“I can’t wait for others to find this treasure” ~ Mason

We had a picnic on the beach with pizza from my man Ernest and Freya finally got to visit the beach. It was a little chilly but so fun to walk the beach without the sun out.

“Pizza and the beach with Freya at night makes me heart happy” ~ Mason

“Pizza, Freya and the beach…it was perfect fun” ~ Mason

“Actually I ate pizza the whole walk but I was pretty cold in this picture” ~ Mason

Then we actually went to some haunted woods and mommy had to study so I left Freya with her for protection while me, Scarlett and Daddy went hiking. We actually saw the scariest thing ever. Apple Pie Man! When he saw us he charged towards us quickly. Daddy had to scoop Scarlett up and yelled for me to run, run fast. If I had taken Freya we would have battled Apple Pie Man, next time I’ll be ready.

“Sometimes Freya just likes to stay with Mommy and I do too” ~ Mason

Freya’s Perspective

Freya is a busy pup and she loves it. She loves training sessions with Mason and hiking in this cooler weather is certainly high on her list. She has officially become faster than Laica and she is quite the instigator, frequently instigating games of chase between herself and the Dobermans. She made her first trip to the beach this weekend and absolutely loved it. Even while walking on the beach she kept a close watch on both Mason and Scarlett at all times. It’s impressive to see her constant watchful eyes over them.

My perspective

This week was good and this weekend was a beautiful way to finish off our week. Since we had spent the week learning about Japan and foods eaten in Japan my lovely husband brought home sushi making supplies so that we could experience Japan night for dinner. Mason isn’t usually one for trying new foods but he enjoyed making it and gives it a single thumb up 😉. Since no outside fire is complete without marshmallows we had to make our own naturally. The kids loved helping make them and enjoyed eating them even more. We have a pretty full school schedule this week and are hopeful for nice weather this weekend so we can revisit the beach. Until then…

“I helped daddy build this fire and it was perfect for the marshmallows” ~ Mason

Fire, sharp stick, homemade marshmallow….Mason is clearly happy 

“Freya was helping us collect sticks. She is very useful like this” ~ Mason

Special thanks to my amazing husband for snapping all these pictures because as usual I didn’t have my camera….