Steroids 👿

I don’t care how many times we have steroids each time it is equally awful. Mason struggles and therefore we all struggle along with him. We finally had some cooler weather, and so our weekend was filled with outdoor fun. From visiting new places, finding new playgrounds and ending with a backyard fire. Even though it was a rough weekend, it was one of the best ones we’ve had in a long time.

Mason’s Perspective

We actually went on an adventure searching for treasure. We started at the beach where we waded through rough waves and dug in the sand and ended with finding a playground that was made for Spider-Man in training. We walked new lands and Freya helped seek a real life treasure. Daddy has like 49 treasure maps on his phone and Freya can pickup any scent. We walked a really long ways but we finally found the treasure in the woods. I haven’t been feeling that good but this weekend was my favorite. Next time we’re hunting zombies on the new land.

Freya’s Perspective

Freya has really enjoyed the cooler weather. She’s been working so well for Mason and they’ve continued on daily sessions even while he hasn’t felt his best. She absolutely loved our treasure hunt/hike and as Mason says, “she’s a natural sniffer”. She prefers zombie hunting as there’s more action for her but she handled the slower pace treasure hunt with grace.


“Freya was guarding Scarlett from the creatures hiding in the woods” ~ Mason

My Perspective

Being able to distract Mason from his current discomfort with treasure hunts, beach visits and new hiking trails was just what Mason and all of us needed. Watching Mason have an impromptu training session with Freya while taking a water break on our hike was priceless and heart warming. His constant interaction with her and talking about her and fixing her coat when it gets ruffled is soul therapy for him and it makes our hearts smile. He makes up songs about her and just oozing love when it comes to his Bear Wolf.  We are looking forward to a week filled with school and outdoor fun. Mason should be feeling better as each day passes this week and we don’t return to clinic until November. Until next time….


“She can actually stay even though she wants the treat” ~ Mason


“Actually I was showing daddy some of Freya’s training moves” ~ Mason


I couldn’t make it through life without this man right here…Although our kids think he drives in his truck and money falls in his lap one day they will understand just how hard he works for us.