Hello October!

I can’t believe it’s already October, I always feel like October will magically bring some cooler weather and less sweaty days but each year I’m left disappointed. We have been having a great week; Mason has been a little tired but playing hard feeling good. Around 4pm he will say, “My battery is wearing down I have to rest”.  We have been working hard in school and really finding our rhythm for learning, which has been fun. This is just a glimpse at what learning something new looks like for Mason; we learn about a new topic, he asks questions and soaks it in then immediately looks to Freya who is sitting by his chair and tells her the highlights of this topic. She intently listens and looks at him as if she’s committing this conversation to memory, seriously could we have possibly found a better Bear Wolf! I think not!

Resting while she can 

Mason’s Perspective

Our yard is so haunted even the beetles can be ghosts. They are everywhere and nowhere all at once. Just when you think you’re standing on safe ground, they will come out of the dirt and try to get on your feet. Wearing shoes would help, but I am not made to wear shoes, I’m a warrior and warriors fight without shoes on. These ghost beetles aren’t bad they actually are a way to tell if more ghosts are coming to our way. When you start to see the ghost beetles moving everywhere and crawling on trees and coming out of their holes, that means the bad ghosts are getting close. I use the ghost beetles like a compass, then I can be ready to battle the bad ones. Freya and I have been guarding our yard for like 49 hours now. We have a course we run and although it looks like we are running for fun, we are actually looking for ghosts to fight. Sometimes she will fight one all by herself, that’s how big she is now. She always comes to help me in a battle because she actually protects me from all bad things.

“I was just finishing a battle” ~ Mason

“Scarlett is wearing magic princess shoes it’s where she gets her power from” ~ Mason

Freya’s Perspective

Freya is Bear Wolf. She is a natural performer and loves to enthusiastically perform tricks while the kids cheer her on. In fact, any amount of cheering just amps her up and wakes up that intense drive she naturally has. Simply put she is fun and she knows it. She is rocking obedience school and her sense of awareness when it comes to our surroundings has really blossomed. She’s on guard and scans everything as we walk through the parking lot leaving obedience school.

Waiting our turn in class on her place.

My Perspective

With so many aspects of our lives being uncertain, Freya is not one of them. I adore the relationship Mason and Scarlett have with Freya, and what she has done for him. I still can’t believe it’s been 150 days. 150 days of sleeping at night, not chewing his nails and just in general being happy and bright. Mason is currently designing his and Freya’s Halloween costumes! Until next time.

“I’ll follow you anywhere” ~ Freya 

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