It’s The Weekend

We’ve had a good past few days and we’re looking forward to the weekend. Despite the less than pleasant outdoor conditions (it’s been ridiculously warm and humid), we have spent all of our time outside. School outside, meal time has been picnic style, and my kids have loved it! We are currently studying Brazil in social studies so of course learning all about the Amazon Jungle led Mason to discovering a Jungle in our own yard. It’s just so nice and refreshing when he’s feeling good and able to just be himself.

All about Brazil plus coffee from Brazil, I don’t ever remember social studies being so fun.

Mason’s Perspective

We have a magic pumpkin and when you toss it, it takes you to a different land. We ended up on a safari tour visiting a jungle. It’s actually like the Amazon Jungle, but a little more safe because Scarlett is still small. We found all sorts of very interesting things in the jungle, man eating butterflies, wait a minute vines that will wrap around you within seconds and flying squirrels. Something else we found was aliens. I usually find aliens to be friendly and very nice, but these were different, they actually wanted to take over our bodies. If they touch you, your skin turns green and sticky. It feels very weird to be part human part alien but it was exciting too. Freya held our magic pumpkin so that when we were ready I all I had to do was have her bring it to me so I could toss it and we would be on our way home. It was a really fun day. Until next time.

“I am wearing Alien skin, if I get a scratch with it on it will heal instantly” ~ Mason

“She is holding the magic pumpkin so we can go home when we want” ~ Mason

“I was teaching her about the raised garden bed we made” ~ Mason

Freya’s Perspective

Freya LIVES for carrying something around. I mean this girl will carry anything Mason asks her to “hold” and she will just trot right along beside him happily holding the item. She is just being the best her possible and loves her little human so much. She loves to go get him from another room when it’s time to go outback. She will pull his shorts if he’s not coming fast enough and loves being groomed. She hasn’t caught a squirrel yet, but boy does she get closer each day. My only hope is that she doesn’t pull a Laica and swallow the squirrel.

Best Friends

My Perspective

I live for days when Mason is feeling well enough to play and be himself outside. He has such a vivid imagination I’m always amazed at how he thinks. He is really enjoying school, and while home school looks different for everyone ours includes Freya. Freya participates in all our activities and even patiently sits beside him while he does math and practices his handwriting. She will lay with the kids while they intensely listen to our daily reads, she’s just one of them and all in the mix all the time.  When he’s building something he will say, “Freya check this out okay” Freya will put her front paws on the table and look at what he’s doing. She’s just the best!

“I think every kid should have a Freya but not my Freya because she is mine” ~ Mason

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