Today Was a Good Day

Another great week and I savor every moment of weeks like this! We had a quiet restful week at home filled with lots of learning, outdoor adventures and of course zombie hunting. Freya started her new training class and my dobermans have actually been worked several times this week. Mason has treatment next week and it’s the rough kind. He has a lumbar puncture with his usual chemo regimen and then of course steroids to follow. Send me all the good prayers, vibes and thoughts because these intense treatments are increasingly rough for us and especially tough on Mason.

Priceless Smiles and Beautiful Laughter

Mason’s Perspective

Conducting science experiments are my favorite this week. I actually made black space play dough and it was awesome! None of the zombies have been able to escape the rock Daddy put over their graves, but there was a sign that one is trying to break out. I have been hearing really strange sounds early in the morning when I take Freya outside, today I saw what was, headless horseman! He is BACK! He is actually looking for a new head. He needs to find a new head but he can’t have mine or Scarlett’s. He is clear until he gets close enough to you to take your head and then you can SEE him! It is really scary. Freya lets us know which direction he is, and we can drive towards him because our ride scares his ghost horse. I think we finally chased him out of our yard. Until next time.

“This is a magical stick, it means a zombie is trying to break free right here!” ~ Mason

“This is me showing you how a zombie would rise from the rock” ~ Mason

“Stay back mommy the headless horseman is coming!” ~ Mason

Freya’s Perspective

Freya has really matured so much, almost overnight. She still lives to hunt zombies and play hide and seek with the kids but she carries herself a little more regal like these days. She is a more than willing participant in Mason’s 4H dog project, and she even learned a new trick this week, video to come! She started school, and we will be working on her CGC. She loves playing rough dog run with Laica and she still hasn’t won over Oakley, but Oakley tolerates her as well as she can.

Bear Wolf growing up 6 Months old

My Perspective

It’s been 128 nights of sleep y’all!! I can’t even begin to describe how incredible the sleep alone has been!!! These last couple weeks have been great for us. We don’t wade through September without heavy hearts for all those who are struggling with treatment, for those who have limited or no options and for those who have lost. We don’t just go gold this month but every single day. I’m not at all looking forward to next week’s treatment but it’s one more to check off the list. Mason’s bond with Freya just continues to grow, as do their deep conversations. She’s teaching him patience and for a 5-year-old that’s pretty incredible. Mason wasn’t feeling energized enough to attend class with Freya this week, so like any good co-owner I took her by myself. The class was huge but our Bear Wolf didn’t disappoint. She was spot on with her commands and just as calm as if we were at home. Here’s to a good weekend until next time friends.

chillin like a villain in class

This pic is not super new, but this is still their thing….

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