Back to the Grind

Its weeks like this that show me a glimmer of normalcy. School, playing, hunting zombies (totally normal right 🤷‍♀️) science experiments and of course all things dogs. Mason has been feeling much better and we haven’t slowed down much. He’s really enjoying school (clearly I’m just a lot of fun) and we’re very proud of how well he’s doing. Childhood cancer comes treatment brings side effects. These effects are not always immediately shown and some may not surface until later in life.  So far, his dexterity is staying strong and I’m hopeful that he will never have neurological issues from his treatment only time will tell.

Mason’s Perspective

I’m back and the zombies better be scared! Freya is bigger and stronger now so she can actually drag zombies by herself to the holes we dig. We came across this mountain of dried lava; it’s perfect for a home base when you’re hunting zombies. Zombies can’t touch this dried lava or it will turn them into dust. I had to leave Scarlett at home base with Freya guarding her while I cleared the perimeter. We buried the zombies right out our back door and then daddy actually covered the graves with lava rocks (and we helped) so they won’t be returning. Until next time…

“I left Freya with Scarlett to guard her” ~ Mason

“There is a storm coming, but first we hunt zombies” ~ Mason

“I was taking cover because zombies were coming” ~ Mason

This is happiness! 

Freya’s Perspective

Freya was born to hunt zombies (and dig deep holes) and is clearly one happy puppy when she’s doing both with her kids. She loves using her serious bark when packages are delivered and she can beat Laica in the initial morning lap around the yard. We start advanced school this coming week and it’s perfect timing. She’s really starting to mature. Her off switch is really impressive!

“It’s really like Freya was made just for me, she likes all the things I like” ~ Mason

My Perspective

Weeks like this one are treasured and I hope and pray more of our weeks are like this. The constant playing and the eagerness to learn in our studies is a breath of fresh air. Freya hangs out in her place while the kids have school and that just pleases Mason immensely. We started our 4H dog project this week and have already mastered some of the items on the checklist. Mason is more than pleased to have part of his science including trainings and grooming with Freya. Not traditional, but hey that’s why we homeschool. Mason is still sleeping at night and no longer biting his nails. Obviously our love Freya continues to grow. Now, if any of the kids (dogs or human) dig up the rock covered zombie graves…Mr Escobar will not be happy 😉

These two! 

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