Routines and Schedules

So last week was a mess. This week has started off fabulous and we won’t surrender to the dark side just yet. Oakley is getting stronger each day and recovering nicely. She’s actually the best patient and accepts lounging on a giant comfy bed willingly. After multiple cancellations, I was finally able to have an adventurous date with my lovely husband. If you live near the Bioluminescent Bay, I highly recommend taking the night kayak tour for some beautiful scenery on the water.

No kids, No dogs…feels a little strange 😉

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Mason’s Perspective

I started school and math is my favorite so far. I was doing my homework and didn’t even notice all the zombies setting up in our yard. Me and Freya had to quickly chase down and slay like one hundred zombies it was a disaster. Freya is so fast I can’t even catch her anymore. When we went to sweep the front yard, I realized daddy had been turned into a zombie. I had to get Scarlett to help me take him down! We actually saved him. The next morning I had to climb high in a tree to make sure no more zombies were hiding in the grass.

“Freya was ready to jump in if I needed her” ~ Mason

“He was actually trying to fight us” ~ Mason

“Just looking to make sure no more zombies are out there” ~ Mason

Freya’s Perspective

Our girl is growing and maturing so quickly. She already has her badass bark! She loves using her deep bark right alongside the Dobermans. She loves her morning beast romps with Laica and they’re both exhausted afterwards. She is still proving to be tidier than the kids, as she will help me carry laundry from the bedrooms to the wash. She enjoyed visiting Joann Fabric store over the weekend and really just loves being with us in the middle of it all. Oh yes, and water is life!!

“She is just so much fun” ~ Mason

“She has really big teeth now” ~ Mason

“I own this water” ~ Freya

My Perspective

We’re getting back into a routine and even though our schedule is crazy there’s comfort in the crazy. Mason has treatment tomorrow and he hasn’t asked once about it. Although Freya won’t be joining us on the clinic trip, we will be making her a video so he can show her when we return. He finds extra courage knowing that Freya is going to watch him be brave and that makes my heart happy. Yes, she does watch videos with him.  Overall he’s had a great month and tomorrow makes him one treatment closer to being done.  Between starting kindergarten, Freya activities and fighting zombies he’s a busy boy! One of his science projects is through 4H and on Freya (shocker). He’s still sleeping at night and doesn’t bite his nails anymore. He’s matured so much in these past 105 days it’s just amazing. Send us the good vibes, prayers and happy thoughts as we go for treatment tomorrow. Treatment is always followed by 5 days of steroids.

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