Hello Summer

Mason is officially counting down the days to puppy class with Freya. He even has his shirt picked out! If you know Mason, you know him and clothes don’t really vibe to well all the time. We spent the morning having art class after a picnic breakfast. Mason of course wanted Freya to paint with them, she willingly agreed. Over the past couple of years, all of Mason’s paintings would be vibrant colors and then he would promptly paint over them with black. It wouldn’t matter if he had black or mixed black using primary colors. He has always said afterwards, “It’s just how I feel”. Our walls are full of blacked out canvas paintings. Today is the first time he has painted with colors he mixed and didn’t want to cover it with black! In fact he didn’t mix up black at all. He made beautiful greens and blues. Light within the darkness, it’s really a beautiful thing!

Blacked Out

and Black Out

More Black Out

Present Day

Scarlett in green, Mason in blue purple, Freya in red.

Yard Duty

Mason and Scarlett love throwing the ball for Freya, and she diligently returns them. Mason and Freya now have a system when it is time to come in. He pushes a dump truck around the yard and tells Freya to get the ball; she grabs the ball and drops in his dump truck. It’s really adorable to watch and Mason just loves it. Once they collect them and make it back to the patio, Freya wants to take them all back out again….It’s a work in progress and that’s okay!

“See she is on my team mommy” ~ Mason

“Just wait till I stop Freya and we’ll get more balls!” ~ Mason

Weekend Ready

Finished up the evening with a trip to tractor supply. Freya had a great time, mostly giving it two ears up with a splash of sideways and of course had lots of compliments. I mean it’s not everyday you see a Bear Wolf in person.

Tractor Supply Fun

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