May 10 Training Day

“She just makes my heart happy” ~ Mason

Early Mornings Black Coffee

The day started a little earlier than I would’ve preferred, but hey when the sovereign whines, “I need to go” you take her. I’m a stickler for potty training and Mason gets up to assist. We spent the day continuing to get to know our new favorite gal and she us. We worked more on crate command, moving the crate around and sending her into it. She nailed it. We played some name games and I must admit she’s sharp and knows her name already.

Environmental Work

We worked on some environmental exposure (had some concrete poured) so obviously we took her so she could check it out. The kids were fascinated with the truck but Freya could care less!! Her focus is on us and where we are at all times. She’s a little confused by Scarlett because she doesn’t stay still for very long and I can already tell Freya wants to be able to see “her” kids.

She got to see the Dobermans and them her. She’s baffled by their lack of fur and tail and they’re steadily giving me look of “seriously” 😂

Looking Ahead

In conclusion, Mason is growing with excitement of plans for he and Freya in the ring!! He’s actually slept two nights in a row!!!! He hasn’t slept well in two years. I asked him this morning if he felt okay, his reply, “Yes I see Freya in my sleep and she won’t let anything get me. You know she’s a bear wolf sometimes and nothing can get a bear wolf.” My little bear wolf, thank you! ❤

“She loves to hear Back in Black, it’s our favorite song” ~ Mason


“I need to touch her because she’s finally here and I really needed her”~ Mason

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