Splashing into the week

Mason and Freya had a great Monday. We spent most of the day outside enjoying the overcast weather before the rain. Mason and Freya went fishing, and battled a zombie in the mud. Freya won the battle, I won more mud in the house 😬 thank goodness for soggy doggy rugs!

“We are catching fish. She’s a Bear Wolf so she just knows how to catch the fish”~ Mason

“Freya is holding a zombie here until I get my sword!”~ Mason

Mason literally laughed all afternoon with Freya in the backyard. Honestly, it’s healing my soul to hear the sweet innocent sound of his laughter with his best Bear Wolf.

The impact this friendship is having on Mason isn’t just life changing, it’s changing his life.

“Freya is catching her dinner, can you cook it for her”~ Mason

Finally, we finished the evening handling any remaining zombies and a hurricane. What can I say, they’re magic. Mason and Freya had a headquarters where they would meet in between zombie slays! I’m told the headquarters is “like a castle but for warriors and it has a moat….for safety.”  😉  I just love his imagination.

“Just meet me back at headquarters, okay Freya” ~Mason

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