Well, officially we are two years into this hard, raw life of childhood cancer.  It’s a tough day for me. I mean, hello!!  I’m flooded with flashback feelings of that lonely day at diagnosis. I can still feel that emergency room Dr holding my hand. One thing cancer has given me is perspective. I decided today we were going to have a magical day and forget about childhood cancer. I had the pleasure of working with my favorite trainer, and tightening up Oakley’s obedience game for our upcoming trial.


Morning Training Session

When I returned home I loaded the kids, Freya and my lovely mom AKA “A” and we went for Pizza. Freya is doing fabulous on car rides and loves all of our music selections.

V Pizza

V Pizza Cheeless

One Ear is up-ish and all Paws are in

We spent the afternoon training, eating, playing and training some more. Freya absolutely loves going outside and playing with the kids. She loves running after the ball and is the queen of touch now. Mason is very proud of her! She is coming along with the knuckles trick nicely which seriously makes him happy. She will get all paws on our targets willingly and happily.

one ear up

One Ear Up Part Time

Ball Chasing

“I have always wanted to have a dog I can throw the ball for” Mason

When we come inside for a break, she immediately settles down and gets in her place. Talk about a dream puppy!

Her Place

Relaxing in her place

The Changes

I have never doubted the powerful impact a dog can have on someones well being. I myself have been blessed with such magical friendship over the years. However, I had no idea what this experience would look like on my kid….In this situation…It’s only been 17 days, but those 17 days have been powerful and each day is a little better. Mason is still sleeping all night, hard and undisturbed. He has a brighter way to him, he’s not burdened with such anxiety as he was before. He’s not constantly worried about going to clinic, and having treatment.  Instead he is watching videos of IPO trials and verbalizing his dreams of competing with Freya.  It is a raw emotion that he wears on his sleeve since getting Freya. I love seeing this passion in my kid! I love this Bear Wolf and what she’s giving to Mason…Hope

Kids and Water

“Look mommy she just stays right with me, all the time. It’s because we’re best friends.” Mason

My Mason

My Mason, we will train Freya in whatever you want! Together you and her will be fierce and electric!