The Break Up

“Oh my Oakley I still love you in my heart but I needed Freya so bad….to do things you can’t” ~ Mason

Although I think Oakley is enjoying her break from Mason’s intense training program 😉 she certainly has missed getting all his lovies.The weather finally cleared up enough to spend most of the day outside. Which was a  good thing because apparently our backyard was full of zombies….thankfully Mason and Freya did some laps around the yard taking out all zombies in their path.😳

The zombie hunt caught on camera

“She’s on my team, see mommy she’s eating the ones I miss” ~ Mason

We finished the day by working all the dogs. Finally!! Freya not to be left out. We introduced her to targets and her cot to start easing her into place training. I wish I could’ve taken pictures of him and Freya doing target work, but no free hands. As usual Freya doesn’t disappoint….the pup is just wicked smart.

“I will love you always Freya. You just make my heart pop out and smile” ~Mason

The day ended great with everyone tired and in bed early!! 😍❤ my heart is full.

“I’m just going to cover her up because I just love her so much…you know” ~Mason

Yes, yes I know my baby boy. I love her too.

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